En voyage

Travelling by Land, Sea, Air and Fantasy in PInAC's drawings

En voyage presents a selection of drawings and four short films by children aged between 3 and 15 that tell how we can and should travel to go far away: on earth, in the sky, in the sea...

Among the exhibited artwork, we also find the travels of tragic hope: those who flee and don’t know neither where nor when they will arrive, the tragedy of our times of the people that never returned from the sea.

With a great variety of techniques and representative modes the children of the exhibition En Voyage takes us by hand and lead us along the arrow of time into known and unknown places. They also lead us across moving images: the animated Confini, Il barbaro, Il viaggio, and the documentary Migrazioni.

Travelling across the artworks, from PInAC’s little here, we find the big elsewhere: the world of children, their dreams, fears, thoughts and affections. We gain a taste of different cultures and peoples: the world often built by grown-ups for grown-ups, sometimes as beautiful as it is inhospitable, where, although everything seems already traced on maps, we have not yet grown tired of exploring.

From 23rd September 2017 till 27th May 2018


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