Guided visit to the exhibition

For preschools, primary and secondary schools

Curated by the learning team

Duration: 1h 30min 

During the visit participants will explore PInAC and its collection of drawings. Combing interactive group and individual activities, the class will discover the current exhibition and the many stories the displayed drawings tell. The visit is structured around a selection of hands-on activities encouraging direct observation and interpretation. The activities are designed to include different learning styles and to stimulate an intellectual, sensorial as well as emotional engagement with the artwork. The visit favours group discussion by translating ideas and thoughts into language and it is differently structured according to the age group of the participants. 

The guided visit is also available in English.

To find out more and to book contact the learning services:

Elena Tognoli:

Massimiliano Vitali: 

Tel/fax: +39 030 2792086

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